—   Great News for 2023   —
SkiAbility Ottawa will again be operational this year with a program similar to pre-covid times.

The website will be updated with he appropriate details shortly and registration info will be distributed via the mailer channel.
Watch this site for future upadtes or follow SkiAbility Ottawa on facebook.
Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

We look forward to seeing you all this year.

Your SAO Coordinators: Chris, Ross, Celina, Jill, Julie & Morgan Last updated May 18, 2023
About SkiAbility:

SkiAbility is an approach to providing access to the sports of water skiing and wakeboarding for persons with a disability. It emphasises the "ability" in disability and aims to remove the various barriers to this great summer activity. SkiAbility is an initiative of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada.


About SkiAbility Ottawa:

Are you ready to ski? Oh yes! The SkiAbility Ottawa program, serving the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec regions (Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas), accepts persons with any type or level of disability, any age, and any experience level. The program accepts participants at the novice level and up and has a competitive stream including world class athletes.

The program uses various types of adaptive equipment and teaching techniques to ensure participant success. The boats are equipped with a ski boom to optimize learning and training. The participant may choose, depending on ability, sit-skiing, stand-up skiing, wakeboard, or barefoot.

SkiAbility Ottawa staredt in 2003 as an ad-hoc program, then, in 2005, when Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada launched SkiAbility, they joined the national movement and adopted the name SkiAbility Ottawa.

Objectives:   To provide a safe, fun, successful learning experience for all persons with a disability regardless of their previous watersport experiences. Age and disability are not limitations, they merely change the approach to the sport. At SkiAbility Ottawa we believe in adapting the equipment to the skier not adapting the skier to the equipment!

Organization:   SkiAbility Ottawa is a Not-for-Profit organization that is volunteer driven. It is an independently managed program operating under the under the SkiAbility Canada umbrella program and Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada. 

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Funding:     Funding is achieved through user fees, donations, and sponsorship.

Web site:   The purpose of this web site is to support the activities of the program, solicit volunteers, and facilitate information exchange.


More Info?
Volunteers, participants, donors, and sponsors if you would like more info on the program please email Info@SkiAbilityOttawa.ca. Thanks!